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Edius NX Express on Mac Pro 8 Core

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    I have the Intensity Pro card fitted in addition to the two NXexpress cards. Intensity Pro does not work with Edius although a Black Magic rep here in the UK told me to watch out for things to happen around the end of this year. Now, perhaps he was refering to the latest HDMI offering from GV or perhaps BM have something up their sleeve, I don't know.

    The problems I experienced with my original NX card have not reappeared since a new card was fitted in the Mac and now all is running as expected.



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      Thanks. Since I cannot get the ADVC 110 to work on the Windows side of my MacPro, I could possibly use the Intensity Pro strickly for loading analog video via Adobe Premeire. I do all my editing in EDIUS but need to load an occasional analog video clip from a VHS tape so I load with Adobe. The ADVC 110 works just fine on the MAC side.