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Focus FS100 v3 P2 single frame audio glitch

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  • Focus FS100 v3 P2 single frame audio glitch

    I've recently noticed an occasional audio dropout glitch on the FS100 with the new v3 software. I've typically seen this on long-form recordings on the Panny HPX2000 & SPX800 cameras, recording HD/SD P2 files - using Edius SP v4.24. P2 files are 'organized' on the FS100, and then copied to the computer drives.

    The audio will just drop out every once in a while - leaving an audible little tick. It seems to only be for a frame in length.

    It hasn't killed anything yet, but it's annoying. You can see it drop out if you have the waveform data expanded on the track.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has noticed this as well and see if it's a firestore issue, and/or if Edius has a bug for some reason (perhaps when rendering the waveform data, etc).


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    It's a FS-100 problem because it affects other editors as well. There have been a few reports of this problem on the DVXUser board.