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    Hi folks
    As some know, Canopus HQ is perfect for our underwater footage. Add colour correction to certain underwater shots with Aspect HD (8bit) and you can get some rather bad banding not to mention the poor m2t streams it makes. Not so with EDIUS and the Canopus HQ codec.

    Just want to say we have nearly finished our 3rd DVD project for a local government conservation group over here in Western Australia.

    EDIUS may have bugs like all the other NLE's but it has yet to crash on us and we would not have been able to do the projects if we could not mix HDV, DV 4.3 and DV16.9 together so easy on the timeline.

    The other day we had a HDV timeline opened, changed the settings to DV 16.9 and hit play on the timeline. As the HDV timeline played we recorded it straight out to the DV camera in realtime via firewire as DV 16.9. Dont really know what EDIUS did but it looked fine when we played the tape back later.
    We then sent it to a TV station.

    Looking forward to the new version.

    Paul Wags
    Win 10 pro, Intel Core i7 8700K, ASRock Z370 Extreme 4, 16 GIGs Corsair Vengeance 3000 Ram, Single SATA drives, Nvidia GTX 560.