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Premiere shortcut for EDIUS?

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  • Premiere shortcut for EDIUS?

    Is there any premiere shortcut for EDIUS.dat?
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    Once upon a time I think there was one in the Bonus folder of one of the EDIUS discs, but I don't remember the version, and it was likely an older version of Premiere Pro.


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      Hello dear Brandon

      you are sure with "Adobe" ??

      that is on the Edius 5.x Install-disk (not on the Bonus disk)

      the same (but with only one FCB .dat) is on the Bonus-disk from Edius-Pro 4
      on Edius 3.x disk I found nothing about Avid / Adobe / FCP shortcuts

      Adobe guys are more mouse guys ??? :-)
      CentralEurope aka Hans
      voluntary / unpaid moderator from the german GV-forum ... Edius 4.61 up to Edius 9.xx
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      [the AMD 1950X 16cores / 32 threads = go return because of massive problems, Not only I had these problems]


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        Hmm, maybe there wasn't an Adobe set...


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          I don't ever remember one...only Avid and FCP.