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Help..Put 4:3 footage in HDV setting

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  • Help..Put 4:3 footage in HDV setting

    I put 4:3 footage in the HDV setting and now need it to display as 4:3 on a DVD. But when I use Procoder it shinks the footage. Is there any way I can change the setting in Edius 3. I have already edited the project and hope I do not have to reedit by putting back in the footage. I do 4:3 and 16:9 projects and just was not thinking when I loaded the footage.

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    Are you saying your footage is letter boxed and pillar boxed because you have put 4:3 SD footage in a HD project?

    If so the easiest way is to use the layout tool (right click on clips and go to layout) and say fit height to zoom your footage to the appropriate size.

    However, if you are going to DVD, you are ending up as SD anyway and there is no point getting procoder to crunch your HD project to SD. SO just go to project settings after you have the project open and change the project back to DV PAL. Be aware tho that you may have to re position titles after doing this. If you have a lot of clips on the timeline you may find it easier to just change the project preset rather than using the layout tool on each individual clip.

    Hope this helps, FF