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  • Component Level Settings?

    I recently got a new HD multiformat monitor that is hooked up to my EdiusNX + Expansion via the component connectors. When setting up the monitor and Edius settings, I am curious about what is the proper/best setting to be using for component level as well as color space.

    The monitor docs show the monitor defaults for different countries/regions and show the US as Beta7.5. In Edius, I currently have setup added and have switched it to Beta7.5 as well to match the monitor. And I can also switch all these settings to SMPTE. I'm just wondering if there is a better or proper choice for the US?

    Also there is a monitor setting for color space. It is currently set to SMPTE and I can also choose other settings. Is there a best choice to match what is coming out of EdiusNX component outputs?


    Mike Truly
    Truly Media

    System1: Edius 7.41|Storm Mobile|Dual Xeon 3.1 (20 cores w HT OFF)|128GB RAM|Dual 512 SSDs|7TB RAID5|Dual Quadro5000s|Win7_64

    System2: EdiusNX+Exp|Edius 6.03|Procoder3|XP32|Dual Xeon 3.6|4GB RAM|U320 RAID0 15K