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DVDCreator and Xeon X56XX series

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  • DVDCreator and Xeon X56XX series

    After performing an upgrade to 2x X5650 Six core CPU DVDCreator crashes. When I disable hyperthreading (showing 12 instead op 24 CPU's) i can burn a disc. Is there a way to to get it working with all cpu's ? I don't won't our costumer to have to change the bios everytime he want's to make a disc in Edius.

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    Maybe those chips might have an errata on it? Check with Intel to see whether a known errata might have triggered the problem?

    I am not aware that EDIUS will even use anything beyond 2 cores at the moment - and I am assuming that DVDCreator running on EDIUS is the same.

    Also, I doubt any workstation software will use all 12 real cores - nevermind 24. If your customer can't see the impact of running without hyperthreading - you can leave it off for the time being.
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