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Problem realtime Canon 7D in Edius 5.5

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  • Problem realtime Canon 7D in Edius 5.5

    That such a gentlemen, let me know if you really H264 *. mov files from the Canon 7D in real time will EDIUS 5.5, I say this because although my friends are eligible to have a very good machine Intel Core i7 950 y 2 Intel Xeon Quad Core, I mark in red the native files in the timeline, have been updated to QuickTime 7.6.6, although it still has the same problem.

    In my case I have the Canon 5D Mark II and I have no problems in real-time editing natively in EDIUS 5.5... despite that I do not understand because they are not doing realtime having a very good machine, I tried to give additional advice but still nothing at all in the same situation ... What would be the solution or advice you to solve this problem?.
    CSXD2 l For EDIUS Pro 6.5

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    On my older workstation (Dual Xeon, Dual Core @ 3.0 Ghz) I cannot play the Canon 7 D native files without a lot of stuttering. On my newer workstations i7 965 overclocked to 3.65 Ghz and an i7 980 (6 cores) at 3.3 Ghz - the files play smoothly - I believe the i7 950 may not have the processor speed to play the 7D files well.
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