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How to capture analog video and audio?

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  • How to capture analog video and audio?

    I transitioned to a new computer last month with Win 7 and Edius 5.5. I'm finally giving up my old computer with two Rex cards and the Canopus breakout box. I'm capturing both DV and HDV fine on the new computer through firewire. But I still need to retain the ability to capture from an analog deck. So I hooked up a Pinnacle composite-input box to the new computer. It connects via USB. But I can't get Edius to recognize the signal. The box was installed correctly by Win 7. It loaded the driver for it OK. Any suggestions? Am I not clicking on the right input settings? Thanks.

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    For best results you need a NX card.
    Works really well.
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      AFAIK, you cannot use USB for capture.

      I use my old Pinnacle DV Moviebox which has DV in & out as well as analogue. You will have to still use Firewire for the capture.

      Can you use analogue inputs of your camera or deck and use this as your transcode device?

      Failling that, I'm afraid you will have to buy a suitable analogue/DV device.
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        Paul, I was under the impression that Edius works with Rex (we have an older machine with Rex cards running Premier that is kind of redundant these days, so we've never upgraded it to Edius).

        Can you not install your old Rex cards in the new machine? Or is it a driver problem because of Windows 7?


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          Bad news for you. You got no more device driver for your Rex card.
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            That's what I was afraid of. I DON'T want to use the old Rex cards. they are large and take up two prime card slots.
            I forgot about using a camera (or deck) as a go-between to the firewire input. I think that will work fine. I had hooked it up that way a while back when I had to record a program off of a satellite receiver. Thanks!


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              Or you could install an ACEDVio card.
              Fred D
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