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Random Crashes...Vistitler???

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  • Random Crashes...Vistitler???

    I have loaded in Vistitler...and have expoertienced several random crashes in Edius 5.5...I cannot figure out why, and I seem to recall a thread about Vistitle being a bit flaky with 5.5...Is this accurate? Could it be causing my crashes...??
    If so, I'll remove it until 1.2 is available...

    The crashes happen when scrubbing...when the program sits untended for a long while (if I need to jump away from an open project)..I DO NOT have any Vistitle titles currently in this project...would that matter?
    Documentaries and Art Projects
    Hudson Valley, NY

    i7 8700K @ 3.70 Ghz/16 gb RAM
    windows 10
    284 gb SSD boot drive
    2 TB work disc
    2TB storage disc
    EDIUS 9.52.6031
    Many external project hard drives

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    Tobe that is probably the cause of it. 1.2 should be out any day now and from what I saw at NAB the stability increased for 5.5 100%.


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      I have a issue with Vistitle not connecting with the Doggle at times. ony had 1 crash.
      VisTitle Demo

      EDIUS v5.51 Broadcast - Dual Xeon Supermicro X7DWA-N with E5450 3.0GHz CPU (8 cores)
      4 GB Ram, 1.0 TB Video Raid (2x500). 5 ea 1.0 TB External Video. 2 500 gb Ext, 320 GB OS Drive .. ATI Radeon HD 4350 with 512 Ram XP Pro with SP 3 HD Sparks, VisTitle

      Edius 6.52Dual Xeon Asus P5E3 9650 3.0 4G Ram
      Nvidia9800, 500G Raid (2x250) 1TB&500TB Ext Drives

      HPX 2000 AVC Intra, HVX 200, HPX 170, AG-AF 100, Canon D5 MKll.....MacBook G4 w/VMWare FCP Edius 6.2