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EFFECTS going on the transparency bar

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  • EFFECTS going on the transparency bar

    Hi, i'm running into a problem. i've been editing with edius for a few months now (im coming from avid) and i'm running into problems when im adding effects.

    It won't allow me to drop a transition between to clips on the video track im editing, instead it forces the effect down onto the gray "mix" bar.. and thats not where i want it. it mixes the transition with black instead of mixing the two clips.. i can't seem to get it out of this habit.. all of a sudden..

    my clips are rendered as far as i know, so why is this happening? thanks!

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    Welcome, and hang there!

    Effects are just that and go in the Effects track.
    Transitions (on the other hand) "key out" lower tracks. So they belong in the Keyer track. But they can also connect clips in a single track.

    What you're seeing is Black being keyed from below if there is no content in a lower track.
    So, add a track below and add content and that should fix one issue.

    For your second issue...
    If you accidentally hit Shift+G while clips are selected the clips will render. (not my favorite feature)
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      thanks rusty

      hey thanks rusty but i don't quite understand, i've been adding transitional effect to the clips on a video track in many other projects, and have never had to had clips underneath on another track..

      I have all the video in my timeline on track 1va, i have a few clips on 2v. i'm simply trying to drop a "page peel" between clips on the 1va track, and i've been successful twice.. but later down in the timeline the effect keeps going straight to the gray bar area associated with track 1va.. i'm very confused


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        this means your clip edges are fully extended, they are not trimmed

        in order to add transition, they must have meat left to create the overlap required to add a transition

        if the clip edges show gray triangles, they are fully extended and you can't add a transition

        unless you are willing to cheat (not recommended)

        untick the very first option in application settings
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          thanks anton

          I have noticed that some of the clips do not have handles, but most of them do! hey don't have the triangles and they STILL won't let me add a transitional effect!! it's quite strange.

          I'll try unclicking the first option in application settings and see if it helps me at all.


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            If there are no triangles on the ends of each clip that you are using, the transition should go on these two clips. Make sure you are dropping it on the clips (not the keyer track) and make sure they clips are touching (no space between them).

            If you need further explanation on the option you are unchecking, let us know.


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              Or it could be that the clips on the other track, are preventing him from doing other words, they touching, and the sync is not letting them shift to allow the transition to take place.