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    Do u mean u guys make the camera in EFP run all the way

    Do u mean u guys make the camera in EFP run all the way


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      If you are planning on using Multicam, it is wise to not start and stop
      the camera....especially if you intend to use timecode.
      That way you just match up to timecode and you are off and running.
      As Dave said, syncing to a photoflash work pretty well too.
      The key is to let those cameras roll....continuously.
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        If you use free run timecode, stopping and starting the camera is not such a big problem.


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          but if I stop Can I still use multicam

          but if I stop Can I still use multicam


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            yes you can


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              is it going to go according to my time code if I stop record and start record ..


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                We use multicam on almost every shoot - usually five cameras under Edius 6 - so can we help by clarifying one or two misconceptions which seem to have arisen in this thread?

                If your cameras are stopped and started during an event there's little or no point in multicam editing; the time you spend syncing each section will almost certainly outweigh the time you'll save editing - the big benefits come when the cameras are started at about the same time and stopped at about the same time at the end of the event.

                Editing an event shot like this is simple and fast - it's just like sitting in a gallery calling the shots (in the old days) except that with Edius multicam if you make a mistake you can go back and correct it - (in the old days it went out to air!)

                Providing you're properly equipped ie big cards and big batteries in each camera there's no problem with this method, even if one camera temporarily moves to cover another activity; as soon as it's back on site your edit's still in sync.

                We used to use Liquid which, because the waveforms could be shown very large in the preview monitor (a wish for Edius) the sync could be done manually. In Edius we use Plural Eyes but remember you must have at least a guide soundtrack for PE to work. I know some like the flashgun technqiue but electronic flash duration is typically 1000th second which is too short for some camera/shutter settings. Sound sync is easier, especially with PE.

                Finally FWIW our camera are set to free run and are left that way, just in case the TC should ever interfere with the sync - mind you, it never has yet.

                Hope this helps.
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                  When you have master (from SEG), then you can sync all cameras to it much easier.
                  Let the video from each camera run from start to the end: you will need to sync ONE time.
                  Operator/cameraman stop 100 times: you will need to sync 100 times.

                  You don't have much choice there :-)

                  I tried the Plural Eyes software, It will help but you don't get the frame accurate due to the location of cameras (audio delay). So set up all cameras with camera flash will be the best :-)
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                    Best option is to have free run timecode on and leave the cameras on. This way if a cam battery does need changing or the operator starts stops, then the free run timecode is a backup to sync it easily.

                    I've found even with free run timecode on identical cameras, it does go out of sync by a frame if the cams are switched off and on during a battery change.

                    Even though Edius puts in the gaps when dragging the clips to the track, I still have to sync the 2 tracks once. I can't seem to get Edius to sync with the timecode for both tracks automatically.
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                      you should be able to place timeline cursor at timeline position where you would like to place shot from other camera

                      then place other camera clip in player window

                      then click "match frame player to recorder", then mark in and drag to to cursor position
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