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  • Interlaced Progressive Question

    If you have a dv interlaced video but view it in progressive mode on
    a tv/monitor will you see a difference in the way the video plays
    on the monitor? I noticed the other day while playing back footage I shot in dv that it was skipping frames when I was panning.

    Never saw this before. I thought there was something wrong with my camera,then I realized I was in progressive mode on my tv.
    When I switched it back to interlaced mode the problem disappeared
    is this normal?

    Using Edius 6

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    This must be a stummper question... hmmm
    Using Edius 6


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      All LCD 's and plasmas operate as progressive displays( 60 hz standard in NTSC or newer 120hz or 240hz) They have to de interlace to display and how they do this governs the eventual quality of the image one sees. If you tell the dumb TV the input is progressive when it is actually interlace it ends up getting half the information it expects and will not work correctly. What it does will depend on the TV. All will use a scaler to match input resolution with display resolution even for a progressive input so how this scaler works will govern what happens. For yours it skips frames every so often. A TV with auto sensing input will spot the error and switch.

      Ron Evans
      Ron Evans

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