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EDIUS v4.5 - Important Information Regarding the Launch

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  • EDIUS v4.5 - Important Information Regarding the Launch

    Hi everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that we are very close to releasing the free v4.5 update for EDIUS Pro and EDIUS Broadcast software.

    In order to reduce confusion and commotion, we want to put out the following information regarding the launch plans for this update.

    The EDIUS v4.5 update has been released to manufacturing - this means that new DVD-ROM media for the full software is now being pressed for inclusion with boxed product from July 20th onward.

    However, our ever-diligent external beta testing team found a couple of new glitches with this release. These glitches have been resolved and a new build is being readied/tested internally. Unfortunately, it means that the build that went to manufacturing will (initially) require an update to resolve the problems (relating to NX hardware, and ProCoder Express for EDIUS DVD export).

    In light of the last minute fixes, the release of v4.5 will happen in two stages:

    1. The build of v4.5 that was sent to manufacturing will be released on Japan's web site on July 20th (Japan Time). This build will not be supported outside of Japan, will not include any hardware support or drivers, and will not feature language support outside of Japanese.

    2. The newer build with the last-minute fixes (dub v4.51) will be launched internationally on the Canopus Web site on August 8th (Japan time). This release includes hardware drivers, multiple languages, and will be supported internationally.

    The download is a single ZIP file, approximately 450MB in size. You will need to have a Canopus User account with the site, and have registered your EDIUS (v4) product to access this download.

    To install this update, you'll need to have EDIUS v4.xx already installed on your system, with your dongle inserted (unless you have already transferred your dongle license to the PC). The v4.5 update includes all updates released since v4.00 shipped, so you do not need to install any interim updates first.

    We are also working very hard to have the EDIUS Training site updated and ready on or near to the 8th of August, with revised videos and printable "How To" documents, which include the existing topics and incorporate the new features (and interface!).