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freezing and stuttering of display window

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  • freezing and stuttering of display window


    I am using Edius 3.62
    DVSTORM RT K12-pc -112

    system is i5, windows xp, with ATI/AMD video card (all in wonder pro), directx 9.0c

    currently i am feeding the Edius from my VCR with the RCA type jacks to the front of the stormbay.

    Problem: i can only get one frame at a time to display in the window on the timeline, it will only update to whatever the active frame is by clickin off the program or moving a window around in the program. I have it set up with dual display for the edit/playback. If i click into the playback window then back into the edit will also update.

    hope you can help!

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    I would call tech support but I would guess that the Storm may not be compatible with your new motherboard. Also could be a graphic driver problem.