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can i purchase 4.0 upgrade from gv

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  • can i purchase 4.0 upgrade from gv

    before gv, i could purchase the 4.0 upgrade for 199.00 from canopus. can i still do that?

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    Yes, it's still available through the Canopus Sales office:


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      We are at 3.62 still.

      We want to upgrade when 4.5 is available ... is it better to wait for 4.5 to upgrade since it is supposed to be close, or pay for the upgrade to 4.x now and then upgrade again.

      I really don't want to go thru the hassles of upgrading 2 times within a few weeks... 3.62 is working fine.

      Also, I assume that the upgrade from 3.62 to 4.5 will still be the same $199?


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        Buy the upgrade to v4.x. But wait keep running your current version until v4.5 is released. Then when v4.5 is released, install the v4.x upgrade and the v4.5 update back-to-back.

        I'm not sure if/when we're getting (v3.x->v4.5) upgrade stock. But if it arrives, yes, it will be the same pricing as v3.x->v4.x upgrade.