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OK - I know there's a simple answer ! !

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    All is well - and my thanks to you. As deep as I may delve, I could not find "disk burner" and didn't know of its existence. And the new Nero 10 Suite's manual is meager at best. It takes one of you guys to spread your knowledge.

    Many thanks - and that's putting it mildly!
    Alan J. Levi

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      I could not find "disk burner" and didn't know of its existence.
      No wonder ....No wonder ....
      this tool named "Disk Burner " is not described in the manual / helpfile is simple forgotten....

      Same "I could not find" here in the german speech area, on the german GV forum
      every mounth, I have similar question, and have to link on the relevant thread from 30.Mai 2009

      CentralEurope aka Hans
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