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Edius V4.5: AVC-Intra support?

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  • Edius V4.5: AVC-Intra support?

    Brandon wrote in another thread:

    AVC-Intra support will be an add-on option for EDIUS Broadcast v4.5
    Does this mean that EdiusPro won't be upgradable? Furthermore: does add-on mean additional cost?

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    If you want to edit AVC-Intra, you'll need:

    1. EDIUS Broadcast (for P2 Select)
    2. The AVC-Intra plug-in for EDIUS Broadcast - $999 MSRP


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      2. The AVC-Intra plug-in for EDIUS Broadcast - $999 MSRP
      Just the plugin?


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        You need both, if you don't have both. If you have EDIUS Broadcast already, then you just need the plug-in. Easy as that.


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          You need both, if you don't have both. If you have EDIUS Broadcast already, then you just need the plug-in. Easy as that.
          I understood that. I meant the price: plug-in only will be $999 MSRP ?


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            Yes, that is the US price for the plug-in only.

            So buying both from scratch = $1998. Buying an EDIUS Broadcast upgrade from Pro, and the plug-in = $1498


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              This is more than I would have hoped or expected, but I guess it's a necessary evil with my new cams/recorders (HPX2000/HPM100).

              Can you give a good estimate as to when it will be ready? Panny is reported to be releasing the new firmware next month, along with the boards.

              Likewise - are there any performance considerations to keep in mind with the new codec? I thought that the Intra resolutions go to true 1280x720, 1440x1080 and/or 1920x1080 depending on your modes @ 50 & 100mbit/sec settings(?). I have a dual xeon 3.6 for the main station (not dual core) and a duo-core Vaio laptop.

              Likewise - is this a software/dongle situation? I have a main station and a portable/field laptop. I need flexibility, but I'm also going to start losing dongles soon.


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                1. It will be shipping around the same time as the 4.5 update (since you'll need that applied to your EDIUS Broadcast system first). This is not far off.

                2. Performance-wise, you need a very powerful machine to get any sort of decent playability of native AVC-Intra. It's nice to be able to work with the native format...but it will pummel your machine's specs.

                3. Separate dongle - you are adding an additional license. As always, you can shift the license to your PC, or shift it to your EDIUS Broadcast dongle. You just need to be aware of the (one thousand dollar) risk associated in doing that.


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                  Thanks Keneally.

                  Would you guess that I'd be able to scrub/edit/play files with a dual Xeon 3.6 or my Vaio duo-core (I think 2ghz T7200), or will I need to 'buffer up' every time I want to play the timeline? Just source Intra P2 files - not talking about layers/effects, etc. I thought at NAB we got the files to play after hitting shift-enter, but then it would eventually buffer down and stop. And I think those were 1440x1080.

                  Do you have a machine spec in mind that would/could keep up in an ideal fashion? I was trying to hold off until next year to upgrade a core machine.

                  Any ways to preview in 'half res' to initially hack through things and then go to full res to finish it all off?


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                    As an example, my machine here is a Dual Xeon 3.4GHz system with 2GB of RAM. I am just able to play one 10 second clip on the timeline (with no filters/effects/etc).

                    The buffer empties out after that (if you have a second AVC-Intra clip right after it).

                    I don't know about proxy data...haven't found any to use (if indeed any exists with this format).


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                      Sounds like I'd be in a similar situation with my hardware.

                      What are the details of the file - 1440x1080? Can you tell if it's recorded as 50mb or 100megabit/sec? Can I assume they're 10 bit, etc?

                      I guess I don't understand why it 'buffers down' once it gets going if it's in a native project resolution. Could proove to be a little sticky if you're not expecting it. It's not the cheapest thing to upgrade all of the cams, etc either. Can you see any obvious differences in the video clarity/keying, etc?

                      This is all certainly very valuable to know in advance - thanks.


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                        the 50mbps one is at 8bit (4:2:0), the 100mbps is at 10bit full HD (4:2:2).

                        Here's a small PDF on it.


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                          Native 1440x1080/59.94i 50MB AVC-Intra.

                          It's heavily compressed video data, so it makes sense that it would tax the CPU configuration significantly. It reminds me of the early days of HDV.


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                            Yeah, the H264 codec is MUCH harder on your PC than MPEG2...even at Intraframe levels, it's still a hard complex codec.