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Is this render time about right?

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    My system performance is similar 7.5 to 7.6 for everything except HD, which is 5.9. I have no problems working with HD material on my current machine, rendering only when playback stops. The HD performance will improve I assume when the Sata 3 (6 Gb/s) and USB 3 (USB drives) become the norm with the release of the new MB's and HD's.
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      I think 5.9 is a pretty standard score for a regular 7200rpm sata drive. 10k or SS drives should score higher.


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        Thanks, it is good to know that my system is not going to hold things up.
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          Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
          yes, the system performance test is part of Win7, 7.9 is the highest score

          I have no idea which dingbat invented 7.9 to be the highest score, why not 10 or 100?????
          This time around M$ was thinking a bit ahead and did not go to 10 or 100 due to the ever changing hadware improvements.

          In some artical they stated that they don't want the existing performance index to drop so when i.e. the next gen processors will hit 10, you current system performance will stay at 7.9 (given that it is that high now)

          My question back at M$ for this seemingly smart thinking, will the index extend beyond the scale of 10 ?
          Maybe they rely on the good old HDD to keep the score down, and ance the questions arise Windows 8 has hit the shelves :)
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            Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
            I also pay no attention to the render line color, it will be wrong in 99.99% of the cases

            the real test is to go to app settings and tick to stop playback on frame drop, if playback stops, then you know you need to render, but only if you plan to play out to tape, no need when going to DVD or Blu-ray or any other file format, because it is automatically rendered as part of the export
            Same here, I never bother, all those different color lines and as Chris says "all of the built-in effects, filters, transitions, etc. that are a part of EDIUS, you will rarely see that red line."

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