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V5.5 and RT with a 5D/7D.

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    I have both Mac's and PC's in my shop, so if you want, you can upload the file to my FTP server (PM me for details) and I'll take a look at it for you and try to repair it and upload it back.

    Most good QT repair apps are going to be for OSX.


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      Thanks for the offer I really appreciated it and I will take you up on it.(-:
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        Originally posted by andrew_hd
        MP4 is not good-it also gets decoded by QT decoder.
        It has to be TS or M2TS.

        I tried this a couple of weeks ago using MP4Box and reasoned the same thing (decoded in Edius by QT) as it played just as poor as my 5D's source files.

        Thinking the same as you (needs to be m2ts to get Edius itself to decode) I converted to m2ts with multiAVCHD .. but while it played in various movie players Edius would'nt accept it.

        I came to the conclusion that the 45mbps data rate was the reason why, out of legal AVC specs? Not sure though.

        That's when I resorted to the 'VDub batch to HQ' method I posted previously that also corrects the colour space issues. BTW, if you have TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress it will batch convert in the same way very easily so would not need my VDub work around.

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