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    Little hint:
    Let Edius store .ewc files in extra 'EWC' folder like rendered files. Dont mix them with .avi. There is only big mass with them in root folder.

    Or - Is there the way to set XP system not to display .ewc files like system files ???

    Let edius has key command to create all .ewc files. Not only when are expanded. I can go and fix caffe in that time.

    Is EDIUS 4.5 able to restore automatically files that are not in root but in its subfolders ? (when I change the project path or drive letter)
    It is very usefull to organize video files in subfolders if there are many.

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    Edius creates .ewc during capture. Nice feature introduced in v3.x.

    If they're in your way have Windows Explorer sort by "Type"

    Made way too much coffee while Edius created waveform files in older versions of Edius.

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