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Why 2 different threads? Pro v.s. Broadcast

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  • Why 2 different threads? Pro v.s. Broadcast

    Just my suggestion, but I'm always afraid I might miss something important in one section while surfing the other. Why not just combine them? Afterall the sofware is the same except for the capture/import formats support.

    just a thought.
    NLE: PC, Gigabyte Motherboard with E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU @ 3.0ghz. 4Gb Ram. GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTS250
    DRIVES: 4TB raid 0 array connected to AMCC 3ware SATA controller with 518mb memory. Other Drives: Seagate & WD 7200rpm 1TB each
    SOFTWARE: Edius 5.5, Adobe Encore CS4, Photoshop and After Effects CS4.

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    'Desktop/Professional' vs 'Broadcast Industry'

    There are two sections to post about the above products. While there is no restriction on which section you can post in, the recommendation is to post in the section that best matches your industry field. The idea is that you'll be collaborating with people in the same line of work, and can get ideas, solutions and information that suits your workflow.