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What's the point of Trimming (F6) ?

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  • GrassValley_MD
    The trim mode is for a larger set of trimming functions.

    From the regular timeline I can do J and L Cuts very easily but if Ineed to nudge a clip do a slip Edit I can get these tools inside the trim mode window. :)


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  • nitrococuk
    started a topic What's the point of Trimming (F6) ?

    What's the point of Trimming (F6) ?

    I know it's a large concept, but all I wanna learn is what is trimming ? and also what is the difference between using trimming screen and only cutting ?

    I mean I can prepare my footage by cutting (C) certain parts of video as how I wish. So why do I need F6 to montage ? Oh and also If there is a problem with a transition, I can either shorten the duration of it or place video B on upper video track so that I'll be able to cut a nice transition as I wish.

    I also can not see the difference betweeen using comma or dot and left-right arrows on keyboard for moving next frame.

    I read the 'Trimming Clips' section in manual but it didnt help me much. May be I need some practice.