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Slow preview with multiple transitions

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  • Slow preview with multiple transitions

    I've got a sequence that has 1 AV track and 12 V tracks that I am using to layer pictures on top of the AV track. I can preview multiple pictures on top of the AV track with no problem, but if I try to put transitions on more than two at one time, the preview starts to stutter during the transition.

    The AV track is a JPEG (11.7 megapixel) stretched to fill the frame. The V tracks are JPEGs (3.5 megapixel) shrunk to fill approximately 1/12 the frame (4 wide by 3 high). The V track photos show up one at a time at one second intervals. About 8 seconds after the last one is shown, I have all 12 with 2 second fades (synchronized to start and stop at the same time).

    I'm running EDIUS ver. 5.50 on:
    i7-860 (2.8 GHz quad w/ turbo to 3.46)
    Intel P55 chipset
    4GB PC3-1333 RAM
    XFX nVidia 7900GS w/ 256MB RAM
    Project is on a RAID-0 array using two ST31000528AS

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thank you.

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    Lew - If your AV track is "stretched" with the layout tool, then I would bet that is slowing up your computer - much less the V tracks that may be "shrunk" with the layout tool. The layout tool, while terrific, does eat up a great deal of power, and you're i7 might handle many tracks if your main one was not "layout" modified.

    Suggest you Export your AV track alone to an HQ file, and then rei-import it back onto your AV track, and I'd be surprised if that doesn't cure some of your ills. If it's a looooong track, then experiment by Exporting just a length needed to find out - (Mark In and Mark out - Export beteen In & Out) and put it back onto the timeline underneath a portion of the other V tracks and see. If that improves your performance somewhat but not completely, then you may have to Export the other "layout" modified JPEGs and reimport.

    I hope this works for you - I've had to do the same thing a couple of times.
    Alan J. Levi

    SYSTEM:AsRock Z490 Taichi MB, Intel i9-10850K CPU, 64 Gig Trident 3600 RAM, Corsair HX1000W PS, nVidia RTX 3070 Video, Corsair h115i Water CPU cooler, Asus BW16-B1HT BluRay DVD, Samsung 512GB SSD boot in Swapable Tray, 2 1TB Samsung SSD video files RAID 1, 4.5TB RAID 1 Outboard backups, Behringer 2000 Audio Fader/Controller, LG 27" 4K Monitor, 2 Asus 1080 monitors.


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      in these cases you have several alternative solutions;

      - just render the specific part of timeline which is stuttering a lot . My advice for you is to use "Canopus HQ or Loseless" . Don't worry, you won't loose any detail.

      - You could benefit from playing it by RAM preview (Shift + Space) . For Longer preview Times, Go to Hardware Settings and change RT Buffers setting to higher value.

      Those are above my most used ones ...