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LCD or Plasma for Edius Monitor?

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  • LCD or Plasma for Edius Monitor?

    I'm debating about getting the NX for my systems. As such I'd like to get an external monitor for viewing HD work. A friend of mine says that stills show better on and LCD and motion better on plasma. As I work with both I'm not sure how big a difference may exist, if any. They both seem to look great to me. Without turning this into a plasma vs lcd contest about which is better, does anyone have some actual knowledge on the subject? Does it have anything to do with the monitor type, or can image be controlled for best picture quality within Edius output settings?

    I didn't think about it until now, but I should have posted in the NX section

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    The new Samsung with ultra black would be a good choice. Make sure B to W ms is as low as possible. Usually it's posted, but then it's G to G.
    John Glantz


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      Thanks John!