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  • Capture in HDV 24p

    Hello again

    I got a tape shooted by JVC GY 101E in HDV - 24p. But couldnt capture it. My VTR is JVC HD BR-50. I edit with Edius 4. Useually we shoot in 720/25p and capture it. But in 24p I cant view or capture it.
    When I go to the input setting of Edius project I find nothing for this setting (like DV 4:3, Dv 16:9, HDV 720/25p, HDV 576/25p, 1080/25p etc.)

    Is there anything to install? My captur card is canopus NX.
    Can u tell me how I can view & capture in HDV 24p?

    Thank u all.

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    If you have an EDIUS NX, but no HD Expanion Kit (with HD component output), you won't be able to capture with the EDIUS NX board.

    If this is the case, see if you have a regular FireWire port and connect to that, and then choose 'Generic HDV' as your input device - you'll find "23.98p over 59.94i" settings for your deck/camera.