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Dongle problem - AKSHHL.SYS

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  • Dongle problem - AKSHHL.SYS

    I try to read a lot on the forum, butt till know i cann't find it.

    My problem. I update from 5.01 to 5.10 the USB key gives problems (Alladin)
    But finally it works. But the red led / light on the dongle is out.

    Then i try to Install the 5.50 version. I get a message: Please insert the USB key in order to apply this updater.
    If i put the dongle in the pc I get the mesaage: New hardware found.
    Then in a new window: Set up cann't find AKSHHL.SYS for a copy.

    (I cann't find AKSHHL.SYS on the hard drive or Edius 5 install DVD.)

    What must I do?
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    If the dongle light is off in 5.10 the dongle is not active. You should solve the problem by either reinstalling the hasp driver from the installation package or use the latest from Alladin. A working dongle usually has a working light.

    What is the operating system you are using?

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      I download the from Alladin. Now it finally works.

      Thanks for the answer.