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Batch file management, what happened!

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  • antonsvideo
    the batch rename feature has been dead since Edius 3

    I am sure it will come to live again

    meanwhile, you can drag selected clips to any custom folders after capture from root bin

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  • Andrew
    started a topic Batch file management, what happened!

    Batch file management, what happened!

    In earlier versions of edius you could highlite select portions of your batch list and send them to a particular folder when captured. as well when you gave the top highlited clip a name it would rename and number ex. bob 001, bob 002 and so on. I now have broadcast and this needed feature does not work as it did. I also spoke with a grassvally tech and he couldnt figure it out either. do you actually have to individually direct and name batch list clips one by one into multiple selected folders?