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No more DVStorm support in V4.5 ?

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  • No more DVStorm support in V4.5 ?

    There's a rumour going round in the German forum that the DVStorm will no longer be supported in V4.5. Since no one from the German reps replies I'm asking it here. TIA.

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    I think that those people don't know what they are talking about. Grass Valley KH has said on this forum that it is supported. The only rumor that I know of is that 4.5 maybe the last update that will support storm.
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      DVStorm series boards are supported in v4.5

      However, it would not surprise me at all if v4.xx will be the last release to officially support DVStorm - future releases would be unofficially supported, much like DVRex board are right now.


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        Canopus is still selling the EDius DVX that has the DVStrom XA card looks very similar to the DVRaptor RT which is compatible with the DVStorm1 & 2 cards.

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          There is still some possibility of the continued development of the 'DVX-E1' driver series (EDIUS DVX/DVStorm XA Plus), but that driver (and hardware) actually differs from that of the DVStorm-RT and Raptor-RT2 series boardsets.