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Canopus HQ.avi edited on Premiere Pro CS 4

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  • Canopus HQ.avi edited on Premiere Pro CS 4

    I'm cutting AVCHD and I recently got an Edius 5 and was quite happy to output using the Canopus HQ.avi for later editing with another Non-linear software.

    Unfortunately for now, I'm more comfortable editing on the Premiere Pro CS 4. So what I do is, I edit the Canapus.avi on Premiere Pro 4 timeline and I am stuck when it comes to choosing the ideal output file (ideally Canopus HQ.avi) on Adobe Media Encoder because there isn't any.

    My question is, is there such thing as a Canopus Plug-in of some sort for Adobe Media Encoder? If not, which file should I compress it to? Uncompressed avi?

    My idea is to compress edited footage with picture quality similar to Canopus HQ and then combine/join them later for later output for a 1920X1080 h.264 format.

    Thank you for reading this.

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    If you don't want to transcode anymore and work in Edius, Edius 5.5 was released today that allows for native AVCHD editing
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      Originally posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
      If you don't want to transcode anymore and work in Edius, Edius 5.5 was released today that allows for native AVCHD editing
      I want to transcode.

      And yes I know 5.5 is up for download.


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        Originally posted by desertfox View Post
        I want to transcode.

        And yes I know 5.5 is up for download.
        I'm curious. Why would you want to transcode?
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          Chose Microsoft AVi and in settings you can choose CAnopus HQ but files will be large as i found out
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            Use uncompressed for best result.

            As someone now liberated (well 98%) from Prem CS4 and it's 19th Century slowness, I too wonder why anyone still uses it.
            Media coder is lame. When I absolutely have to transcode, I dump uncompressed and/or use Sorenson Squeeze. Now that 5.5 is here, my only remaining use for PCS4 will be for the odd plugin that I don't have in AE. Viva la liberation!


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              The Adobe Media Encoder, standalone from CS4,
              works great. I get really good mpeg2 SD and HD files
              from it. Also, avc for blu-Ray works in profile 4.1 and
              I have used as high as 35k on bd.
              Ask George Dame, he saw that disc.
              I also have sorreson and procoder 3.
              I can not see the difference between pc3 and AMC.
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                My point was that PSCS4, which I have used extensively, was slow as mollases at rendering and editing efficiency. Likewise AME--compared to Sorenson. Lame in that respect. There simply is no comparison between Edius and PSCS 4 with respect to rendering, editing interface speed, etc. Edius simply blows it out of the water-- and even moreso now with 5.5.


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                  Jerry's disk does look great and he is a stickler for quality. He has a multi-step process where he captures sometimes through his Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro, then edits in Edius, exports a master file from Edius and then encodes in Adobe Media Encoder for authoring in Adobe Encore.

                  All I can say is that his finished product is maybe the best quality I have seen from any of my customers. That is one great reason that I am fortunate to have him demo Edius for me at trade shows like WEVA.

                  You can meet Jerry st NAB. He will be demonstrating Edius in the Panasonic booth. He will be showing how well native AVCCAM files can be edited in Edius.
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                    I'll be getting CS4, for the other components included, but will ocassionally dip into Premiere for an effect or two, or possibly 5.1 sound editing after completing my cut in Edius, so it's useful to have as an additional extra.
                    Even although Edius is by far the preferable program, it still lacks a feature or two.
                    My problem with Premiere Cs4 is that I know a lot of people who have serious probelms with it. One person had a version of PremCS4 which would either crash or put the audio out of synch whenever a video effect was applied. He swapped it to a later version, and thankfully it works now.
                    Yesterday I was at a friends, looking over his new Edius 5 HD system, and he has CS4, but had never bothered using Premiere. I clicked on it to have a look, and it just wont load at all, lots of error messages.
                    I need to ensure I get a fully working CS4 package. Trouble is where to look to find a decent version?