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  • GXF Speed Encoder Plugin

    Just a quick question, I know what the GXF file format is, but have noticed on the Edius update site under utilities that there is a plugin called GXF SpeedEncoder Export Utility v1.3, what is this used for? since I thought MXF was the later format of GXF, do we also need a special licence to use this plugin?

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    The GXF SpeedEncoder is used to send files (or your edited work in the timeline) to the GrassValley K2 or Profile Video Servers.
    The GXF format is the native format of these servers.
    In Edius release 4.6 Broadcast the encoder is standard but in release 5 I believe it is an option.




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      Cesar is correct. It is used in conjunction with K2 though a lot are changing over to mxf now. You can download the gxf in the registered user section under Edius 5


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        Is there a "Stand alone" version of this program?

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          Originally posted by rando View Post
          Is there a "Stand alone" version of this program?
          What program? gxf exporter is just an exporter plugin for Edius