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Transitions in EDIUS 5.12

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  • Transitions in EDIUS 5.12

    This is my first post to the forum, so please bear with me if the information is redundant, or feel free to refer me to the appropriate thread or post that addresses this issue.

    My problem is as follows: when applying a 2D or 3D transition between two cuts, I notice that as the transition occurs EDIUS is leaving a border around the 4 sides of the frame of both the outgoing and incoming image.

    The transition occurs correctly but the move from one image to the other is obviously not complete and clean. This is occurring within picture safe, so the bordering will end up in the final output.

    I am editing DV content in Standard Definition in a 4x3 aspect ratio.

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    All ya need to do is go into project settings and set the OVERSCAN to 0%

    do this for the current project and also on the 1st startup screen preset list you made for this (and all other) project(s).

    once youve done it once you wont need to do it again.


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      Yup, that's it!
      So, Welcome to the Forum.
      Don't apologize for asking, we've all been there.
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        Thanks for the solution! I not sure that this point is covered anywhere (except perhaps Mike Downey's DVD) but I knew the Forum would nail it quickly. I am sure I will be back for more in the near future.

        BTW, I work at a rental and support company in Hollywood where the focus is on camera and editing system rentals to the professional community. Avid dominates in this world, with Final Cut Pro in pursuit, but not as much as you might expect.

        When I run EDIUS on my laptop, I get a lot of looks over my shoulder, especially because the I/O for virtually any codec is quite seamless. The group here was particularly impressed with the ease of ingest for Canon 5D and 1D Mark IV footage (these cameras as you probably know are all the rage around here).


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          Welcome, and enjoy the forum!