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Can't Resize White Balance Effect Window

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  • Can't Resize White Balance Effect Window

    My Native screen resolution is 1680 x1050. When I apply the White Balance color correction effect and open it up to make settings, it takes up half of my screen.

    Is there anyway to resize it?

    I'd like to make it smaller in proportion to the screen so I can see more of Edius 5.12 and my player/recorder layout. I've tried grabbing it by the corner, and I get the double headed arrow, but it is disfunctional. The dimensions are locked or something.

    By the way, if I work in smaller resolutions than the native resolution, only half of the white balance window opens, the keyframing section--nothing else.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I am working on a win7 64 bit machine--which may be the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can resize the WB window, but larger only.

    It should be pretty big, on a 1920x1080 screen it takes about 1/3rd of the screen minimally.

    Are you sure about your screen rez?
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      Thanks for the response. Yes, that is the normal screen res.

      And, to be more accurate than in the first post, at 1680 x1050, the native res of my Gateway monitor, the white balance settings window takes up the full vertical res and 60-65 % of the horizontal res.

      If I had Edius on a two monitor system, I suspect that this wouldn't be a problem, but on this single 21 inch monitor, it is a pain, to say the least.

      And, I can neither enlarge or lower the size of the settings window.


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        Problem solved,

        Another editor was using this machine for a few hours yesterday and had set the text size in Win 7 Display through the control panel and that threw off the Edius windows.

        Reset to normal, the White Bal Effect window is about a third of the screen size--which I can live with.