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JVC HD200 and 60p support

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  • JVC HD200 and 60p support

    Hey all,
    I'm using the JVC GY-HD200U, shooting 720/60p. I just purchased the NX-PCI-e version of Edius 4 and made the jump to Edius Broadcast but it's on back order. I can't find documentation anywhere that verifies that the software will recognize the 720/60p format but have been told by dealers that it will. I know that Edius 4.5 supports it but I need to cut footage now. Can anyone verify that I haven't just thrown away 500 bucks?

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    I wouldn't say you've thrown away 500 bucks - you'll get the full support in v4.5 when it arrives.

    You can try using the 60p footage in the EDIUS timeline, but EDIUS pre-v4.5 does not have a 60p timeline setting.


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      I've shot 480p60 with the JVC HD100 and imported the footage into Edius 4.x's 24p project...I slowed the footage down by 250% (for a clean slow mo look) but it looked awful...

      Brandon, as far as a 60p timeline, what are the benefits? Any ideas?
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        The benefit is that you edit in the native frame rate and frame size. This in turn yields better performance (since there's no need for resolution or frame rate conversion).

        To the original poster, I am afraid that editing 60p is going to be difficult without v4.5. EDIUS (v4.24) does not have a method of capturing JVC 60p.


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          Still confused about 720/60p

          This is the email I got from Ken Goss at Thompson from the floor at NAB:

          Hi Craig:

          You will need the Edius Broadcast upgrade to edit 720/60p

          We were demo-ing that camera format with EDIUS Broadcast at NAB in the JVC booth.


          But this is incorrect? Thanks again....


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            Ah. Unfortunately, Ken must've got his wires crossed with the whirl of NAB and the 4.5 launch. I'll let him know.

            JVC 720/60p support only requires EDIUS Pro v4.5. (Not that EDIUS Broadcast is a waste of money)


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              Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Will Edius 4 currently support the 720/24p? Or should I just wait until August for version 4.5?


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                JVC 24p has been around since the end of 2005. So yes, you're a-ok with EDIUS Pro v4 and 720/24p.


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                  Beautiful. Thanks for the quick response! I love this new forum and all the info you provide. I'll be looking forward to Edius 4.5 and native 720/60p editing!