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Capture Stops when Sync breaks on Source

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  • Capture Stops when Sync breaks on Source

    I have been converting VHS and DV tapes to DVD without issue. A setting seems to have changed in Edius that I am not aware of, because after a year of converting tapes, I am seeing a new behavior when capturing my playback source: Every time Sync breaks on the source tape, Edius stops capturing.

    i.e. on a home video, when the user stops recording and there is the 2-3 seconds of "snow" before the user records something new, the Edius capture process stops upon reaching the "snow."

    I've been capturing entire tapes with Sync breaks for a year without issue. What did I toggle to create this new behavior?


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    on page 143, in a better english as mine.....

    you need a picture ==> call CentralEurope
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      Thanks for the help!