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    Does anybody know something about mdb asus P5K WS? Is that mdb compatibile with edius nx (pci-x)?
    custom PC No 1 ; mdb: Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3, cpu: i7 2600K, vga 1: 2x nvidia gainward GTX 670 (2GB), vga 2: intel ,ram: kingstone hyperx ddr3 16GB, sys HDD: SSD Transcend 128GB, monitors: 3x LG L225WT dvi, 1x plasma tv LG 50PK350 nle: HD SPARK, OS: windows 7 x64 ultimate

    custom PC No 2; mdb: asus P6T deluxe v2, cpu: i7 920, vga: nvidia gainward 275 (896mb), ram: kingstone hyperx ddr3 12GB, monitor: 2x LG L20WT dvi, OS: windows 7 x64 ultimate

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    I just bought an Asus P5K WS workstation motherboard. I have the edius NX PCI-X board with the PCI expansion pack and I/O Bay running edius 4.2

    Only the PCI-X installed works fine. If you have the PCI card for component out for prewiew, it does not work for HDV HD proyects. Works fine with SD proyect.

    See my thread for details

    Asus P5WDG2 WS PRO, Q9450 2.66Ghz , 2Gb PC2-6400 Ram, ATI x1900GT 256ram, WD Raptor 150 Gbs (system), Raid-0 2WD 750Gb AV drives, Edius NX PCI-X with expansion pack.