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Please update the promotion pages

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  • Please update the promotion pages

    Since there's no lobby I have to post it here: please update the promotion pages. Many promotions around the world ended on June, 30th but are still online. Furthermore, depending on the Canopus page (.us or .de) I see different promotions for the same region?! This doesn't make sense to me. Thanks in advance for listening.

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    The Canopus Web site works primarily on languages (not regions). If you want you want to see promotions in Germany, you choose European promotions (and then switch to German language if desired).

    If you are seeing English when switched to German, in the European promotions area, it means that a translated version of the promotion does not exist, but the promotion may still be valid in that area.

    I will check on promotion expiries for the US (since that's all I maintain).