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  • Rendered files locations

    I noticed an interesting thing this week about where Edius stores rendered files: that varies depending on what type of rendering you're doing and how you have your project preferences set. Specifically, when you 'render and add to timeline' that appears to store the rendered files based on where you have your default project location set, whereas rendering without adding to the timeline stores the rendered files based on where your current project file is stored. Since the default and current project locations are not necessarily the same, this means you can have rendered files in places you don't expect and that can cause problems -- especially if you transfer a project to another computer.

    One suggestion here would be to make sure your default project location is always pointed to the same folder where your current active project is, but that's a hassle to remember to do that. Has anyone else here noticed this issue, and think it would be worth asking GV to modify this to be more predictable?
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    Hea Kevin,

    It does make way too much sense to put all the rendered stuff in one location. That's why I rarely render the non-RT, just render to the timeline. The best thing is I can re-use the rendered files.

    My default location is E:\ and everything seems to stay togeter well enough for transfer to an external drive and use of a second machine to render to .m2t. Maybe those non-RT renders are unneeded!

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      I would like to set the render file location to a drive that is NOT backed up. The default being in the same folder as critical EZP files makes backing up all EZP Project files virtually impossible.

      Is there a global render location that can be set as could be done in Premiere 6.5 ?