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Finally found Edius Pro 5 Tutorial set!

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  • Finally found Edius Pro 5 Tutorial set!

    New to Edius 5 and have posted several times asking for info on a complete set of video tutorials for Edius Pro 5. I know others have been enquiring as well. A couple of weeks ago I got a head's up from a colleague that was bringing out a comprehensive set covering all aspects of Edius 5.

    The MacProvideo site now has announced them. I preordered today and will post back with my response when I get into them.
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    It looks as if it is called Edius 101. You can probably learn just as much for
    free on the tutorial web site.

    Even though it is for 4.5, most of the functions are the same.
    Once again, did I say, Free!
    Six Gill DV
    If you own the Tutorials and you need help, PM me.

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      Thanks Jerry,

      I have had a look at those tutorials as well as several others based on 4.5. Some of the basics will be the same, of course. The MacProVideo set (60 lessons, 250 minutes) appears to be more comprehensive than the Edius 4.5 set. I was assured that the second half of the E5 set went way beyond just basics with in depth lessons, editing tips, shortcuts, etc.

      Since I want to get up to speed with Edius asap and avoid the 'learn as you go routine' (which is effective if you have the time) my view was that a full set of E5 tutorials would be the way to go. The recently announced tutorial book looked interesting, but I have found that video tutorials, especially ones that are based on showing the full interface, as the macprovideo set appears to be, have been the most effective and fastest way for me to learn new Software.

      In any event, the price seems very reasonable. I can use the tutorials online for $25 on a month to month basis--no contract. A month will be enough for me. They can also be downloaded for $49.

      In any event, I'll post my impression of them as soon as I get the time to work through some of the lessons, which is the real test of course.


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        Originally posted by Jerry View Post
        You can probably learn just as much for
        free on the tutorial web site.
        You are kidding, right? Those tutorials are about how to turn on your computer. Nothing in depth and tiny screen so you cannot see without glasses. And yes, it should be free, because they want you to buy the product and tell the world how happy you are...
        But if the MAC guys are making tutorial on Edius... well. let us see!
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          You are right. The Edius 4.5 tutorials on their site leave a lot to be desired in presentation format for the most part.

          Your point about Mac guys making Edius 5 tutorials made me curious about the company name. I discovered that they also do PC software and other stuff as well. Apparently the MacProVideo name derives from the fact that they originally were a MAC only tutorial company years ago.

          The Director/Editor that they got to do the Edius tutorials for them has worked a lot of formats and NLE's including windows based ones according to the bio they have on the site, so they ought to be good. But, like you say, we'll see!

          In any event, it's good to see that Edius 5 has been recognized by them as worthy of a comprehensive set of tutorials. As a long time Premiere and Avid editor, I am very impressed with Edius so far--the difference in rendering overhead alone makes Edius worth the bucks. By the way, I was also told that they plan to do follow up tutorials for E6 when it arrives. Again, we'll see!
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            Originally posted by mike0130 View Post
            the MAC guys are making tutorial on Edius... well. let us see!
            That's a bit embarrassing not TGV ?


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              TGV only interested in making the software - no time for tutorials :-). The "Mac" in that company's name does NOT imply they are the Apple's gang.
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                No, not the Apple Gang, for sure, although they do make Mac tutorials too. They stress the fact that the Edius 5 tutorials are " 100 % PC'' made :)

                The tutorials have now been fully released, along with full content information and a few basic samples at

                I haven't gone through them all, just a few to get a feel for the author's approach and the content of some of the more complex topics. Very impressed so far.


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                  Well its not Dave of DVC but on listening to the examples given it seems OK. Certainly with regard to price its very competitive. I may be tempted to buy.
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                    The samples are the just the first three topics out of 60--just basics, not really very representative of the depth overall, but useful to a complete Newbie and necessary in a comprehensive set of tutorials. In the last 35 or 40 topics he really puts the meat on the bones.

                    Yes, very competitive pricing, but worth it at twice the price--I've already saved hours of trial and error and hunting through the manual. Time is money for me. And, better yet, thanks to the excellent Edius 5 tutorials and this very helpful forum, I now have a much better feel for the overall power of Edius. My decision to move away from Premiere is looking better all the time. Much more intuitive and faster!

                    TGV has a great product--too bad they don't give it more market push.