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E6 goes 4:2:2 @ 50mb/sec?

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  • E6 goes 4:2:2 @ 50mb/sec?

    With all the hoopla over new cameras, I'm glad to see GV running with the big dogs. (arf!)
    Even if GV is reluctant to discuss what's in store the word may get around.
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    Speculation leads to disappointment.


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      Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
      Speculation leads to disappointment.
      I remember when we used to speculate about the brand new editing software and kiddingly called it EDITH!!!! Jeez Archie, ain't that a long time ago . . . .


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        Brandon, I think Rusty was referring to this statement from a Canon press release on Feb. 2, 2010.

        "Canon partners with major editing and processing software developers to support the swift adoption of its new MPEG-2 Full HD (4:2:2) file-based recording codec, Canon is working in cooperation with Adobe Systems Incorporated, Apple Inc., Avid Technology, Inc. and Grass Valley to ensure compatibility with major editing and processing software programs widely used within the video imaging industry."

        I know that does not mean that it is native support, but this kinda stuff is what happens a few weeks before NAB.
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          The Canon cameras will still use CCD's so they don't suffer from the flash and "jello" effect of CMOS based units.

          Interestingly I have heard some comment that vision from 8 bit editing systems like Edius looks just as good as 10 bit systems as cameras get better. So this new codec and camera may be a great match with Edius software if it is integrated.

          Canon are also very enthusiastic about tapeless workflows because..." It supports efficiency throughout the production process"

          Remember "back in the day" when video formats used to be simple. Here is a useful resource which lists about every format there is (except GV flavours cause I think it is MAC centric) for acquisition, editing and distribution..

          Having an editing system like Edius which is adaptable to virtually all the acquisition formats just makes tremendous sense.

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            Compatibility, sure... but I try not to draw too much from things. For example, we're already compatible with AVC-Intra, even though we're only 8-bit.


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              I have been editing 4:2:2 Mpeg-2, 50 and 100mbps from the Nano Flash for over a year now.

              Edius was one if not the first to support this format natively and has been breezzing along from the get go.

              One advatage to Edius for sure.
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                Hey Jim - check your link. It appears to have been hijacked.

                I'd love to see the info you mention.

                Here's the link again. Hope it doesn't get hijacked:

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                  Originally posted by Jim N View Post
                  The Canon cameras will still use CCD's so they don't suffer from the flash and "jello" effect of CMOS based units.
                  This has not been confirmed yet only that the block will be 1/3" - the technology ccd/cmos has not been announced.

                  The new canon codec will be MXF wrapped MPEG-2 log-gop and that is totally supported by edius right now!


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                    Good to see improvements on the HDV format.

                    I'm more interested in improvements to CMOS so they can finally get rid of the rolling shutter issue. But that's for another discussion.