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Help Edius freezes in playback mode

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  • Help Edius freezes in playback mode

    I am running Edius 2.5 on a dell with pentium 4 processor, 2.5 GHz, and 1 GB RAM. When I put an MP3 file on audio track and combine with a movie clip in time line, the program freezes up during review or rewind. The time line curser gets stuck usually at the same place. Has happened multiple times, does not happen if I just have the sound mp3 file or movie clip by themselves. Only when the two are together on the timeline. Freezes up whole Edius program. Any suggestions to troubleshoot ?
    OK, more info. Looked at CPU usage and found it goes up to 70%, and sometimes 90 to 100% during review and play. Is 1 GB RAM just way to little. How much RAM is sufficient. Running windows XP platform.
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    I would convert the MP3 file to 48KHz WAV format and use that instead.


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      Thanks much. I tried and the WAV file plays back much smoother ! Doesnt freeze now, but I am still concerned about the CPU useage which sometimes reaches 94%, before it was 100% with Mp3. Now I am wondering how much RAM I should have to use the program safely. I posted this question in another thread. I have 2.5 GH pentium 4 running on 1 GB RAM in windows XP.


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        Open up Task Manager and go to the Performance tab, see how much of your physical RAM and page file are in use. Also check the Processes tab to see where exactly it is going. In the Process tab, go to View -> Select Columns and add the Peak Memory Usage to the display.


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          As stated in the other thread, it is probably more your CPU than your RAM that is the problem.


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            Does the MP3 feature a Variable or Constant bitrate? (VBR or CBR)

            I'm not too sure that EDIUS 2.5 likes VBR MP3 might have to do as suggested, and decompress it back out to PCM Wave.