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Edius Vs FCP, Premiere, and Vegas....

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  • Edius Vs FCP, Premiere, and Vegas....

    Hey there everyone
    I was just on google trying to show somebody what makesEdius the best but they refused to believe me because there is so little advertising on Edius, and not much on the internet about it.

    I have been told by a fellow Edius user that Edius was the first and the best to handle HDV editing, apparently about a year before FCP could be HDV compatible, however I can't find anything o the web to back this up


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    Quite frankly if they won't believe you what does it matter. All that matters is the final output, nobody cares what software was used in its creation.

    All this willy waving about which software is best or what cameras are best is just a waste of time.
    Even if Edius was first with HDV they will counter with "but *insert NLE of choice here* was first/is better at ....."

    I'm not a fan of Avid, or FCP and don't feel the need to justify my use of Edius to other editors or tell them why they are wrong to use the editor of their choice and attempt, like a 19th century Missionary, to convert them to my way of doing things.

    Use Edius, use Avid use Sony, use them all, just use what you like and let others use what they like.
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      Humans are more important in this process, not the software.

      People can do crappy work on the most expensive setups. Good editors can do good editing on an Etch-a-Sketch.

      Every time someone brings up software, just remember this quote from John Lennon:

      "I'm an artist, and if you give me a tuba, I'll bring you something out of it."


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        And so say all of us. Words to live by StormDave. Ideas are the key factors, yes manipulation is important but ideas and concepts are king. I am afraid I will never be another Alfred Hitchcock no matter how expensive an editing system I have.
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          Da, My Russian friend told me they were the first to edit on a NLE by Romanoff Editoff. back during WW1 ;)

          I started with Adobe 6.0 with Cineform. Camera JVC H10. HDV. back then it had to be rendered out to I thank it was m2t. before you could put it on the timeline. Then along came Canopus and viola import directly to Bin Hard Drive and drag to line and start editing.
          The video below was shot with the JVC and edited Adobe The title was done in FCP
          This was a free trip for me and my wife Debbie. awarded by the owner of several Barge in France.
          I shot and edited a Barge trip a year before and he used it in a promo.

          A visit to France on the Barge L'Art de Vieve

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