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Poor quality P2 SD files

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  • Poor quality P2 SD files

    I have found that, given a short 480i SD project, printing to tape gives a much better quality result than printing to file onto a P2 card. The P2 files have greatly increased stairstep artifacts, seen best on frame-by-frame playback. Is this a known defect with the SD P2 generator in Edius Broadcast ?

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    Was the source DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO 25?


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      The source was 29.97 p over 480 i DV, recorded with a DVX-100. I also tried having Edius convert it to a DVCPRO 50 project and then printing to file onto a P2 card, but there was no improvement. The best result I've had getting DV onto a P2 card is to have Edius convert it to 720 60 p, printing to file onto a virtual P2 card, then taking the same P2 card back into Edius and applying a sharpness filter set at 10-15 (needed because after conversion, the DV is a bit blurred compared to the original DV), then printing to file to a new P2 card. Interestingly enough, it prints to the P2 card not as 720 60p, but as 720 30 pn. The result is fairly good, and as 30 pn it saves significant room on the P2 card compared to 720 60 p. However, it appears to me that SD DV and P2 files don't mix well together. I suppose that the other possibility is that the HVX-200 that I'm using doesn't play well with P2 SD. The HVX is known to do a much worse job of recording SD DV when compared to the DVX-100. Maybe its playback is just as bad. I assume that you have many TV stations that use P2, Edius and SD, although most likely they're using DVCPRO 25 or 50 rather than DV. Any thoughts ?
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        Hmm... That's a good question. I don't suppose you have an EDIUS hardware board installed so you can play directly out to a video monitor, eh?