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The going rate for a 3-4 minute music video??

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  • The going rate for a 3-4 minute music video??

    Hi everyone, I have just been asked to shoot and edit a music video in Majorca, I live in The Netherlands. I'll be shooting with a Sony PD-170PAL and using EDIUS 4.24 of course. I don't access to cranes. only my trusty Sachtler tripod and handheld.

    I would like to know what are the going rates for you seasoned shooters. The Singer will be footing the bill for travel, hotel and misc. expenses for an overnighter. For basic video work and editing no special effects or 3D animation what would you charge? I've done live music performances before but this would be a first for me. The performer has worked with the likes of Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey etc. thus very professional.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    John Glantz

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    Is this shooting a performance or are they singing just for the filming.

    I wouldn't look at doing a live show without at least 4 camcorders and two operators.

    As for price, it then all depends on the artist, if they are a little bit famous then they could afford more than someone just starting out.

    I'd be looking at about £1,000, plus second cameraman and equipment of £500 plus the expenses.
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      The artist will be just lipsyncing to her CD typical MTV style and although I would normally use a two camera setup here locally, I will be on my own at the location. I was thinking of doing multiple angles thus multiple takes.

      She's not just starting out, and she has written songs for other famous artists and performs broadway productions as well.

      Thanks for the info. It helps me find a starting price.
      John Glantz


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        If she's "famous" you shouldn't have a problem with charging her because she'll know the price for good production.


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