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5.1 audio in Edius flow?

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  • 5.1 audio in Edius flow?

    Does anybody know a way to maintain 5.1 audio throughout Edius flow to DVD (or BR) burn.

    Some cameras (like my HDR-CX500V) capture 5.1 sound, and there are standalone mics that will capture that. It would be nice to keep that in edit.

    I supose it is possible to convert to 8 channel HQ before edit, and to carry more than two audio channels on the timeline. But what then? Output tool only has a choice between mono and stereo, no surround options. Third party DVD creation tool? Which one?

    Or is that 5.1 encoded in the regular stereo, and you just need to edit stereo?

    Someone must have figured this out, that's not a new problem. I tried a few quick searches, but found no matches.