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    [LEFT]Any changes in real time OHCI ( DV ) preview?. In previous version of Edius it was reported about 2 second - 3 second delay between desktop preview and OHCI preview. If it is not changed may I post in the feature request or known issues section of the forum.

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    The lag is still there in 4.24....I hope this is tightened up in new versions of Edius


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      I don't believe that this delay may be avoided as it is a result of the time taken to output via Firewire and for the camera or vtr to convert the digital video signal to one suitable for viewing on a monitor.



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        Not true. FCPs delay is only about 0.1 seconds while Edius is above 0.5 seconds. So it is possible to have a shorter delay.


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          Originally posted by STORMDAVE View Post
          Not true. FCPs delay is only about 0.1 seconds while Edius is above 0.5 seconds. So it is possible to have a shorter delay.
          FCP, and Avid are very very close to real time. And I think
          PPro too is almost real time. But Edius is very annoying for those who edit using OHCI preview.


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            I have a friend who uses the new speededit from newtek. I don´t know how long in milliseconds, but there were no obvious delay between preview and OHCI output.

            Still I´m used to Edius and it´s few quirks.



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              Just out of curiosity I created a project to see the lag.
              On my machine in OHCI mode the delay is exactly 15 frames (0.5 sec.) for NTSC project.
              I’m unable to test PAL as my camera will only generate NTSC signal.

              Here are the steps to recreate my test:
              1. Start a new OHCI project.
              2. Place a black ‘Color Matte’ on the video track and set the length to more then a minute.
              3. From the ‘Video Filters’ drag and drop onto the black the ‘Strobe / Freeze’ filter.
              4. Open the setup dialog and set the ‘Interval’ to say 10 frames, ‘Duration’ to 1 frame, the ‘First Half’ to ‘Move’ and ‘Second Half’ to ‘Color Frame’ (default white).
              5. Without closing the setup dialog, play the timeline (loop playback). If this is your delay (10 frames) then your OHCI and the computer monitors should flash all at the same time. If it is not, then adjust the ‘Interval’ one up (+1) and repeat it until all monitors are flashing at the same time (allow 2 seconds between adjustments for the video to be generated). When both monitors are flashing at the same time your ‘Interval’ is your OHCI delay.

              I would be interested to see if the delay changes on different setups…


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                Delay doesn't change on different computers.

                I have a Pentium 4 and the delay is the same.

                I have a Dual Quad Core Mac, same delay.