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Edius and Smartsound

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    Here is my 2 cents for what it is worth. I bought the Smart Sound program and used their tracks for a many years. The price is certainly right @ $20 per song. They are a great value. But... Smart Sound is limited in terms of quality/selection and I hear the same songs all over the place in other peoples projects. On the other hand when I checked out MyMusicSource, I found it way to expensive for my type of licensing needs. They aren't even an option for most people. So I scratched my head and asked why Grass Valley would choose to offer MyMusicSource as an option. Anyone else find them too prohibitive in price to use?

    I have moved on and the lack of Smart Sound or any other integration isn't a deal breaker for me. I have found better alternatives for my music. There are just to many other sources of really good and reasonably priced music pieces out there.
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      Everyone should step back and take a look using their heads from a business point of view. This "letter" from Smartsound sounds like a very business like way to try and blame the other company when they have decided that the cost/time factor in developing a plugin for Edius will not generate enough of a revenue stream to make it worthwhile.

      Honestly MyMusic has nothing do do with SmartSound. They are different markets. So to use that as an excuse is pretty weak.


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        Well, from my perspective, I just want the integration.

        I would be happy to purchase the Edius plugin separately from Smartsound. Then the bundle politics could be avoided.

        But it does not seem like this is an option either.

        It sounds like Smartsound had started developing a plugin, maybe some customer input could push it to a finish line?
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          But all that info should be over at the smart sound forum or customer service.
          Not here.....
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            Originally posted by SRsupport View Post
            But all that info should be over at the smart sound forum or customer service.
            Not here.....
            Steve is exactly right. All of this energy needs to go to SmartSound. Start sending things to them and maybe they will see that there is enough interest and perspective customers to make developing a plugin worthwhile, whether it be a separate purchase or bundled.


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              I have been keeping Kevin Klingler updated on the progress of this topic. I have even mentioned he follow the example of Videostar who have developed the new titler for Edius. I let him know how everyone here is pretty excited about it and suggested a plugin from Smartsound could easily generate as much enthusiasm.
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