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Good notebook for Edius.

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    Originally posted by pjsssss View Post
    What was the price of that notebook?
    "From $6,995." Look at the bottom left.


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      Originally posted by T-Bone View Post
      I guess the laptops haven't caught up yet to the updated SATA drives - you'd certainly think that if such were available, that thing would have them
      Hi Harris:
      Which Updated SATA drives are you refering to?
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        Very nice lapburner. You'll definitely want to get a comfortable carrying case (I'd go with sling or backpack style) and a very good cooling pad if you really intend on using it on your lap.

        If it's anything like the BOXX "laptop" we have, it's powerful, hot and heavy.


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          Blast, I'm talking about SATA II or SATA 300 or SATA 3.0, whichever you prefer - with a machine that maxed out, I figured they would have used SATA 300 drives if they were available for a laptop
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            Originally posted by Robert View Post

            Does the HP NX9420 come with Windows XP or Vista ?
            There are models with XP and models with Vista. The one I purchased comes with XP PROFESSIONAL.