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Good notebook for Edius.

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  • Good notebook for Edius.

    I am a Edius products reseller in Spain. I have a customer working with EDIUS NX, SP and HD workstations ensambled by my company. Now, I must supply to them a notebook for workin with edius.
    Budget is not high, and I am thinking in an ASUS notebook ...
    Any suggestion for best compatibility or trouble-free ?

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    all Core 2 based notebooks with separate vga card should work, even for HD.
    Hewlett Packard Series NX9420 or NX9440 is a good choise.


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      I used regular Dell Laptops (Inspiron) for two years and could get 7 layers of SD DV footage playing in realtime and it would play with no problem.

      It would also play 2 layers of HD with no problem.

      It was a dual core CPU at a spped of 1.73 and a 120 Gig 5400 HD.

      Anything matching that or above it should work nicely for your customers :)



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        Customers here are very pleased with the HP NX9420:


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          I like the DV9000 series consumer version as it has a Express card slot vice a PCMCIA slot and I can add two large eSata II external enclosures for over a terrabyte of extra storage(easily hot swapped to a desktop machine, also the newer ones have a HDMI port.
          GA-EP45C-DSR3,Core2Q3ghz,8gig1066,260GTX,2x 20"AOC,22"Vizio1080pTV, Edius5/HDspark,PC3,Imaginate, CS5ProdStudio/IntensityPro,Win7_64
          HPdv7t 17"notebook,8gig,2 IntHD,9600GT512M,17"extmon, Edius4.61,CS4Prodstudio.Win7_64,MX02Mini
          DAW,HPdv9000,x2Turion,4Gig,2IntHD,Audition3,Cubase 4,XPpro,Alessis F/Wmixer,M-Audio F/Wmixer,BCF2000, BehringerMixers, Fender sound sys
          Numerous Ext eSATA drives & Raids shared between systems


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            Thanks. Just ordered a HP NX9420.


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              Does the HP NX9420 come with Windows XP or Vista ?


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                Originally posted by Robert

                Does the HP NX9420 come with Windows XP or Vista ?
                Incase you needed a quick answer, from HP, either OS is available to order with.


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                  Use a Lenovo(IBM) Thinkpad with Ultra-Bay. You can easy use 2 HDDs. The bay uses SATA and the drive can be changed while the notebook is running. And most of the lenovo Thinkpads have a non reflective display-surface!
                  Edius 4.54/3.62
                  NXe / RaptorRT2 max


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                    I've got a core duo (2.16), and I use it with 5 and 6 streams of DVCPRO HD all the time off of eSATA drives. Never hiccups.

                    HVX/P2/DVCPRO HD. EDIUS Broadcast 4.54


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                      Aloha Fellas,

                      If you don't mind something with a 20 inch screen (1600x1050) that you carry like a attaché' case check out the Dell XPS M2010. Has lots of ram*, two drives*, Phat CPU*, adjustable 20 inch monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, DVD burner, ATI X1800 video card that can push any video game on the market with easy (I add that for down time reasons), wifi card, 4 USB ports, Firewire port and built in speakers that sound pretty solid (comparing to other laptops). They have eight speakers with a sub-wolfer that has an airflow channel similar to the Bose Wave Radio which gives it a robust rich sound.

                      The Machine is very nice and will make it through airport security. We took one from Hawaii to Rome to Israel less then 2 weeks ago with no hang ups other then the security wanted to look at it for personal reasons.

                      Good luck and be sure to check out the M2010 model.


                      *optional upgrade


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                        Originally posted by Franco
                        Incase you needed a quick answer, from HP, either OS is available to order with.
                        I am using a Sony Vaio VGNAR21S new model now 31S.

                        2GHz processor 2GHz ram 2 x 100Gb hard drives and 17inch high rez screen with blue ray, I am using E4 on this and it runs perfectly.

                        The new laptops with the new Intel processors are now being launched and are much better at handling video, read INTEL's website.


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                          The most awesome Laptop on the Market

                          Anything you do on a high end desktop is now outdone with this spowerhouse laptop! Check the specs!

                          SD & HD Editing
                          3-D Animation
                          2-D Animation
                          Audio Editing, Sound creation
                          Hi-Def Multilayer Compositing

                          Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor X6800, 2.93 GHz with 1066 MHz System Bus and 4MB On-Die L2 Cache

                          17" 1920 x 1200 WUXGA with Glass View LCD Featuring Super-Wide Viewing Angles Active Matrix Display

                          Video Card:
                          PCI Express™ 16x Dual nVIDIA® Geforce™ Go 7950 GTX + MXM IV Module Graphics, Featuring SLI Technology

                          Video Memory
                          512 MB DDR3 Video Memory (1024 MB for SLI Mode)

                          RAM Memory
                          4096 MB PC2-5300 (677MHz) DDR2 SDRAM Memory

                          Hard Drives
                          Built-In Hard Drive 160 GB/7200 RPM, SATA-150

                          Secondary Hard Drive
                          160 GB/7200 RPM, SATA-150

                          Tertiary Hard Drive
                          160 GB/7200 RPM, SATA-150

                          RAID Types
                          Support RAID 0, 1, 5

                          Built-In 1.3M Pixel Digital Video Camera

                          Memory Stick Reader
                          Built-In 4-IN-1 Flash Memory Reader

                          TV Tuner
                          Built-In TV Tuner with Remote Control

                          Wireless LAN
                          Integrated Super 108Mbps Wireless 802.11b/g LAN and Bluetooth

                          Built-In 56K V90 Fax/Modem and PCI-Express 10/100/1000 Mbps Fast

                          Ethernet LAN Card

                          Full Size Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

                          Optical Drive
                          Removable DVD±R/RW Burner with Double Layer Write Capability

                          Speaker System
                          4 Built-In Hi-Fi Speakers

                          External Ports
                          1 IEEE1394 FireWire Port (4-pin), 4 USB 2.0 Ports

                          1 TV-Out Port, 1 CRT Port and 1 Ext. DVI Port

                          Intel® High Definition Audio compliant Interface

                          8-Channel External Audio Output, SRS WOW

                          Pointing Device
                          Built-in Touchpad Pointing Device with Scrolling Slider Keys

                          Operating System
                          Microsoft® Windows XP Professional Edition

                          Included Accessories
                          Carrying Bag and AC Adapter Included

                          1 Year Premium Parts and Labor Warranty


                          This is the second most powerful setup I found for serious computing power
                          The Mayhem Z5


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                            I guess the laptops haven't caught up yet to the updated SATA drives - you'd certainly think that if such were available, that thing would have them
                            edius pro 8.2, win10 pro x64, i7 5930K @ 4.4 on asus X99-A usb3.1, corsair h100i gtx with noctua fans, 32G gskill ddr4, gtx 980 4G, system 256G samsung ssd 950 pro M.2, swap 128G samsung ssd 850 pro, general use 512G samsung ssd 850 pro, video 4 @ 3T WD red pro in raid 5


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                              What was the price of that notebook?