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How can i hide part of the screen?

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  • How can i hide part of the screen?

    Hi, this is my first topic to the new forum. I am still working with DVStorm and i miss the old forum. Now to the point, i have just got Edius and i am not very familiar too it yet. The project i have to make is: on an already edited DVD i have to hide the lowest (or anything) part of the screen with any color and then have a rolling text on that part for the whole duration of the movie (if that is difficult i can live with just a still text). Can you please give me some directions manly on how to do that? Forgive me if my question is naive. Thank you all

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    You should be able to do this using TMPro.
    Make a box of the colour you choose and size and place it where you want it, eg lower third. Overwite your text.
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      Thanx, i will try it immediately


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        You can also use the Region filter with Inside filter of Block Color (or is it called Solid Color now?)